Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Intelligent T's

Sunday is God's Day

Leonardo Da Rockgod

Shut Up Sarah Palin

Sasquatch Cyclist

The Political Mind

Time for Revenge

Say Tweet Again

"Jules is trying, Ringo. He's trying real hard to be the shepherd. But this whole Twitter-lution thing is really getting to him. All this talk of "tweeple" and "twiggits" and "tweekends" is unfamiliar to him. It makes him nervous. And when he gets nervous, he gets scared. And when he gets scared... that's when mother 'effers accidentally get shot.

But he's really twying-- Oh, damn, you hear that? Now you made him twalk like a jerk. There it is again! That's the last straw!

Go ahead, say "tweet" again! He dares you. No, he double dares you -- say "tweet" one more time! Because the truth is, you're the tweak and he's thetwyranny of evil-- Argh!!! "

All pics from Headline Shirts

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